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ELEUTHERO Extract Drops

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Eleuthero Root 🎋, commonly referred to as ‘Siberian Ginseng’ (despite not being a direct relative to Korean or Chinese Ginseng, carries similar benefits. Eleuthero Root is commonly used as an adaptogenic herb in traditional medical systems to aid with the relief of stress and stress related fatigue. Unlike other adaptogen, Eleuthero Root has positive effects on digestion and can be used to regulate metabolism. Eleuthero Root is also used as a digestive aid in underweight person to crank up their metabolism. Eleuthero is also great for improving physical performance and to aid in recovery from physical and stress related fatigue

Known to contain active compounds that have been shown to improve memory, boost human cognition and relieve fatigue, Eleuthero improves mental sharpness similar to caffeine but without an impending crash.

Eleuthero also reduces stress & chronic fatigue, restores energy, improves concentration, memory & learning, Strengthens the immune system, and improves well-being.

Directions: 1. DROP 2. STIR 3. ENJOY

Serving Size: 2-3 dropper-fulls in water or tea

Benefits Of Eleuthero Root Include:

  • ⭐️Improves Energy
  • ⭐️Focus & Mental Clarity
    All Dao Drops are ALCOHOL FREE, NON-GMO, and GLUTEN FREE!

    Other ingredients: vegetable palm glycerin, crystal clear water.

    Additional information about ingredients: Contains NO Alcohol, NO GMO, NO gluten, NO heavy metals, NO artificial colors, NO preservatives and NO synthetic fertilizers.