Our Story

DAO Drops started as the idea of simplifying holistic, plant-based medicine by making it easier to incorporate into daily life. 

It is our mission to formulate consciously crafted herbal blends that help our customers bring their bodies back into balance. Our team of herbalists and health-conscious individuals believe that everyone has the ability to support their own health goals using the tools that mother nature has provided us.  

We only source the highest quality herbs that have been time formulated, tested, and relied on by humankind for thousands of years. All of our products are formulated without any chemical additives, GMO, gluten, artificial flavors, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, or fertilizers. Our extracts are made with non-GMO vegetable glycerin (as opposed to alcohol) so they have a sweet taste and can be paired with water, tea, or food despite having no added sugars.

Our vision is to cultivate an empowered community of individuals who understand the power of herbs and can improve their health and wellness at an affordable price. By joining the Dao Drops community, you can get access to exclusive healthy recipes, elevate your knowledge of herbs and their benefits through our blog, and get exclusive savings that we only share with our VIP customers. 

Want to join our tester panel & get free products? Do you want to see us develop a new blend?

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