• With so many falling ill...

    With so many falling ill...

    Jan 09, 2020
    With so many falling ill this flu season, below are six quick tips to help you keep your defenses up and stay free of colds and flus🙌🏻. _ 1.) Consume plenty vitamin C & Zinc. 2.) Consume Ginger regularly and garlic sparingly. 3.) Load up on green juices. 4.) Get Plenty Sun Light (Vitamin D) 5.) Take Echinacea Extract (Available at link in our bio). 6.) Incorporate Dao Drops ‘Elderberry’ (available at link in our bio). _ DID YOU KNOW? Elderberries 🍇 are known as natures flu shot? Elderberries have been long touted as a herbal remedy for colds and flus, due to its potent antiviral effect. Elderberries are a rich source of antioxidants which reduce inflammation and strengthens the immune system allowing for significant relief of cold and flu symptoms within 48 hours. _ A 2004 study published in the Journal of International Medical Research, found that if an elderberry extract is used within 48 hours of the onset of the influenza A or B virus, the duration of flu symptoms is shortened by an average of four days. _ Shop @daodrops ‘Elderberry’ herbal droppers, available at 👉🏻 www.daodrops.com 🔥 (link in our bio). _ #immunity #immunesupport #immunesystem #holistichealth #healthandwellness #vitaminc #citrusfruirs #vitamind #echinacea #coldandflu #fluseaaon #coldremedy #fluremedy #herbalremedies #healthyhabits #immuneboost #immunebooster #ginger #herbs #elderberry #elderberrysyrup #elderberries

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