• Take Care Of Yourself, Always...

    Take Care Of Yourself, Always...

    Dec 22, 2019
    Take Care Of Yourself, Always Put Your Physical & Mental Health First.. .. DID YOU KNOW? Adaptogenic herbs are a class of non-toxic herbs with the ability to strengthen the body's response to Stress 🤯 and relieve symptoms associated with Anxiety and Depression. @daodrops ‘Calm’ formerly known as our ‘Relax’ blend is a synergistic blend of adaptogenic herbs, that work together to provide enhanced resilience against mental and physical stress. Dao Drops ‘CALM’ helps maintain a relaxed state, promotes a positive mood and increases energy levels.. 🧘🏻‍♀️ @Daodrops ‘CALM’ Is A Mood Enhancing Blend Proven To: 1.) Calm Nerves 2.) Relieve Stress 3.) Uplift Mood 4.) Boost Energy .. .. Ingredients & Why We Included? Gynostemma Leaf 🍃 - Holds the record for the most saponins ever recorded. Saponins are compounds that provide adaptogens with their stress relieving properties.. .. Schisandra Berry 🍒 - A powerful fruit with adaptogenic properties, schisandra berry is commonly used to relieve stress and help with symptoms of anxiety and mild depression.. .. Goji Berry 🍒 - Commonly used to promote longevity, goji berries naturally increase energy and boost stamina and endurance.. .. Astragalus Root 🎋 - A popular immune boosting adaptogen, known to buffer the effects of stress.. .. Eleuthero Root 🎋 - Provides a buffer against stress related mental and physical fatigue.. .. .. .. #herbalremedies #adaptogens #stressreliever #gojiberry #cortisol #stressmanagement #anxiety #healingherbs #healthyhabits #relax

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