How to prepare mentally and physically for a Detox

How to prepare mentally and physically for a Detox

How do you prepare for a detox?


You couldn’t complete a marathon if you didn’t train beforehand; the same principle applies to detox cleansing.

A successful detox depends on how you prepare the mind and body. Here are some important tips to remember before jumping into your next cleanse:


set your intention before a detox

Set Your Intention


Before you prep a meal or start juicing, take a moment to write down what it is you’re trying to achieve with your detox. Trying to lose 10 pounds? Improve your energy levels? Give your liver a long-needed reset? Be specific!


affirm and reaffirm the health benefits of detoxing

Affirm & Reaffirm The Health Benefits


There will be days when you’ll want to take a cheat day or want to quit detoxing. In addition to setting your intention, write down the other related benefits you are going to experience after your detox so you can remember why you started and keep up the motivation.


remove foods and drinks that may tempt you

Avoid The Obvious Culprits


By now you’ve heard the phrase “everything in moderation.” Before you begin detoxing, start reducing the amount of oil, salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine you take in every day. Remove foods and drinks in your refrigerator that may “tempt” you and replace them with healthier options that’ll lead you to your health goals.


drink more water while detoxing

Drink More Water


Water is essential for optimal health & an effective body detox. Drink between 6 to 8 glasses everyday. If you can, always aim to drink alkaline water with minimal chemicals and particles. Make sure you replace your water filter before Day 1 begins.


don't aim for perfection

Don’t Aim For Perfection

People forget, foods spoil, plans change, and that’s okay! Remember that progress doesn’t suddenly break after a day of missing something. Be patient with yourself, remember why you’re detoxing, and work on being consistent & better!

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