• DID YOU KNOW? Every time...

    DID YOU KNOW? Every time...

    Jun 23, 2020
    DID YOU KNOW? Every time your liver filters alcohol 🍺some of your liver cells die? Heavy drinking over long periods of time can cause liver damage and impair it’s ability to detoxify and regenerate . _ For help reducing alcohol 🍾 intake and to offer protection for your liver, try @daodrops ‘HANGOVER’ herbal droppers, available today at the link in our bio 🔥 . _ WHAT IS DAO DROPS ‘HANGOVER’ ? _ Dao Drops Hangover is a 100% natural blend of herbs, designed to provide quick relief of hangover symptoms and improve the body’s ability to process alcohol. Dao Drops HANGOVER offers protection for the liver, while helping your body detox, rehydrate and recover after fun times out drinking. _ Dao Drops ‘HANGOVER’ Is A Preventative & Curative Blend Proven To: 1.) Prevent Excess Alcohol Consumption 2.) Relieve Hangover Symptoms 3.) Curb Cravings 4.) Support A Healthy Liver _ WHAT’S INCLUDED ? _ Kudzu Root 🎋 - Scientifically proven to reduce alcohol consumption by 20-50% when taken prior to drinking. _ Milk Thistle Seed 🍈 - A powerful detoxifying herb that negates the harsh effects of alcohol consumption on the liver. _ Ginger Root 🎋 - Used for the relief of common hangover symptoms such as nausea and upset stomach. _ Fennel Seed 🍈 - Eases indigestion. _ Peppermint Leaf 🍃 - Eases stomach pain and decreases nausea. _ White Willow Bark 🎋- Provides relief from headaches. _ Amla Fruit 🍈 - Provides protection for the liver against toxic buildup. _ Sources: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4510012/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1V112xmHFxwYpvSPQHTnxgX/will-kudzu-supplement-pills-make-me-drink-less-alcohol

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