• Calm your nerves and improve...

    Calm your nerves and improve...

    Jun 09, 2020
    Calm your nerves and improve your general mood with @daodrops ‘Blue Vervain’ herbal droppers, available today at 👉🏻 www.daodrops.com 🔥 (link in our bio) 🙌🏻. _ DID YOU KNOW? Blue Vervain 🎋 is considered a ‘Nervine’. Nervines are a class of herbs which calms, sedates and offers support for the nervous system. _ Blue vervain was highly praised by herbalist the late great Dr.Sebi for it’s ability to calm the central nervous system. Blue vervain acts therapeutically upon the nerves and provides a sedative effect that serves to calm nerves in times of frustration, fear and anxiety. _ Blue vervain is used traditionally to help persons recover from a stressed out nervous system due to our fast paced modern lifestyles. _ It is often used as a natural remedy for persons with mild to moderate cases of anxiety and depression. _ Blue vervain provides a healthy dose of iron, cleanses and purifies the blood, supports a healthy liver, soothes the nervous system, may relieve stress, helps with depression and pain, lowers inflammation and enhances immunity. _ 7 Key Benefits Of Blue Vervain Include: 1.) Calms Nerves 2.) Soothes The Nervous System 3.) Aids Sleep (Sedative) 4.) Blood Detoxifier 5.) Helps With Anxiety 6.) May Relieve Stress 7.) Lowers Inflammation _ Follow ➡️ @holisticguidebook for daily health tips 💫.

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