• Along with @daodrops ‘SKIN’ herbal...

    Along with @daodrops ‘SKIN’ herbal...

    Jun 16, 2020
    Along with @daodrops ‘SKIN’ herbal drops, available at the link in our bio, below are some key tips for improving your skin health . _ 1.) Drink Plenty Water 💧- Water is essential for maintaining optimal skin moisture, increasing skin elasticity and for the delivery of essential nutrients to skin cells . _ 2.) Eat A Healthy Diet 🍓🥬 - Healthy diets such as mediterranean, whole food and plants based diets have long been linked to healthier looking skin. Diets high in ultra processed foods and high sugar diets are well known to impair skin health . _ 3.) Avoid Mucus Forming Foods 🥛🧀 - In many cases inflammation can be identified as the root cause of many skin issues such as acne and psoriasis. Avoiding high inflammatory foods such as refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, processed meat, red meat, dairy, eggs and gmo’s is essential for healthy skin . _ 4.) Limit Caffeine & Alcohol ☕️🍺- Caffeine consumption promotes a heightened state of stress which increases cortisol. High cortisol levels are linked to skin breakouts. Alcohol consumption impairs liver function. A proper functioning liver is essential for maintaining healthy skin since our livers are responsible for removing harmful toxins in the body . _ 5.) Physical Exercise 🏃🏼‍♂️🏋🏽‍♂️ - Exercise promotes sweating which is a channel of elimination for the skin. Sweating daily is a great way to remove impurities built up in your pours and prevent harmful bacteria from settling in the surface of your skin . _ 6.) Try Dao Drops ‘Skin Blend’ - DAO DROPS ‘SKIN‘ is an antioxidant rich herbal formula that supports beauty from within by cleansing and purifying from the inside out. Dao Drops ‘SKIN’ naturally enhances your outer beauty by promoting healthy glowing skin. _ Dao Drops ‘SKIN’ IS A Powerful Skin Cleanser Proven To: 1.) Cleanse and purify 2.) Improve circulation to skin surface 3.) Help with skin disorders 4.) Remove toxic buildup ..

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