5 Tips on How to Successfully Detox Cleanse!

Everything we consume contains some level of toxins. That includes the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the products we use every single day. Whether or not we realize it, they are interfering with our body’s natural processes all the time. These toxins will only continue to weaken our health in the long run, until we work on keeping our bodies clean.

How to Detox Cleanse 5 Tips


Now when most people hear the word detox, they think of random fad diets and copious amounts of fresh green juice. We’re not going to talk about that here. 

Instead, we’re going to share 5 helpful detox strategies that won’t just help you eliminate excess waste that’s lingering in your body but will also bring more awareness to your everyday habits so  you can stay healthy for longer.


  1. Work Up A Sweat

  2. Eat Less. Eat Slowly

  3. Poop Regularly

  4. Watch Your Water

  5. Add Quality Herbs Into Your Diet

    Work Up A Sweat.

    work up a sweat

    When we work out with intensity, our bodies perspire and drip with sweat. That sweat carries heavy metals, BPA, and other chemicals like phthalates found in common household items out of our body. In fact, it’s been studied that sweat contains more amounts of concentrated chemicals than blood & urine. 

    You can also step into a sauna or steam room every now and then to enjoy the detox benefits from a full-body sweat. Don’t forget to stay hydrated & restore your electrolytes!

    Eat Less. Eat Slowly.

    eat less, eat slowly

    Digestion plays an important role in detoxing and affects our overall health. When we consume large meals quickly, our gut has to work harder to expel the waste. This effect worsens when our meals are heavily processed and contain high amounts of sugar & salt.

    By now, we know that eating fresh and organic food while limiting processed food helps reduce the amount of waste products that enter our body. When we switch out for smaller portion meals and eat slowly, we don’t burden our digestive system. We also feel full much faster, which prevents us from overeating.

    Poop Regularly.

    poop regularly

    Our poop is loaded with toxins & chemicals from everything we consume. When we don’t release our bowels, those toxins can actually reintroduce themselves into the body and become more difficult to get out. 

    Eating more fiber doesn’t just help us go; it also helps bind those toxins to your droppings so they can effectively exit the body. Prebiotics also help keep you going regularly while boosting your immunity.

    Watch Your Water.

    drink more water

    Water keeps our bodies lubricated as well as helps our kidneys filter toxins. However, the quality of the water we drink everyday affects our circulation system, lymphatic system, digestive system and our other bodily ecosystems. It’s important that we do our best to avoid microplastics, BPA, and other contaminants that disrupt our bodily functions.  

    Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible to 100% avoid these chemicals since they’re everywhere. However, we can use methods like distillation and reverse osmosis to give ourselves & our family better quality water. A squeeze of lemon also does wonders for your water & your health!

    Introduce Your Body To Quality Herbs.

    high quality herbs

    Everything we put into our bodies influences our health in some way so eating the right foods into our bodies is what ultimately helps us stay healthy. Similarly, consuming the right herbs introduces powerful compounds that can specifically target certain organs & clear out the gunk.

    For instance, Milk Thistle is one of the most potent herbs used for detoxing the liver. Ginger Root has been shown to help improve digestion & circulation in the body. Burdock Root has also been used for centuries to clean and purify blood. While you could go out and buy those herbs individually, we wanted to make it easier for anyone to give themselves a thorough detox. 

    Mix just two to three full droppers of DETOX Drops in a glass of water. You give your body a potent dose of milk thistle, ginger root, burdock root & 4 other powerful herbs to help evacuate toxins that may be lodged inside target areas like your gut, stomach, liver, blood and more.


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