30 Day Juicing Fast Recipes

30 Day Juicing Fast Recipes

Many people like to do a juicing fast after coming back from vacation, or after a night of eating junk food. 

Drinking juices can give you a boost of energy, help you to maintain a more alkaline PH in your body, and detoxify your body.

We did the research and compiled a list of 30-day fast juicing recipes that will cleanse your body, as well as give your digestive system a break.

Our Favorite 30-Day Juicing Fast Recipes

For each juice combination, we recommend that you juice the ingredients in the order listed. You can have a drink with ice, or add the detox drops if desired.

The Hangover Cure

30 day juice fast recipe plan

This fresh juice is the perfect blend of refreshing cucumber and beet. Add a bit of lime to give the drink a tasty finish.

Add these Hangover Drops to give you an extra kick of rehydration, and recovery after a night of drinking. We like that it contains a natural blend of herbs that will offer protection to your liver. 

The ingredients: 2 beets, 1 cucumber, and a peeled lime. The drink serves 24 ounces of juice.

The Health Benefits

This drink is good for digestion due to its high detox value.

The star ingredient in this juice is cucumber. Cucumber is 95% water, so it helps with your liver and kidney function as well as works as an incredible detoxifier.

The addition of the Hangover Drops will give you even more health benefits. For example, it contains Milk Whistle and Ginger Root. Milk Whistle helps to negate the harsh effects that alcohol has on the liver, whereas Ginger Root acts as a relief for an upset stomach and nausea.

If 30 days is a bit too long for you, go for the 10 day juice fast recipes.

Drink Your Greens

30 day juicing recipes

Want the powerful benefits of kale, but don’t like kale’s bitter taste? Mellow out the bitterness with the sweet taste of orange, pear, and apple.

We advise that you add 2 full squeezes of the Immunity Drops into your juice. Your body will thank you later.

The ingredients: 1 cucumber, 3 celery sticks, 1 green apple, 1 green pear, 3 stalks of kale, and 1 peeled orange. This drink serves 24 ounces of juice.

The Health Benefits

This is a great detoxifying green juice that will add a nice boost to your immune system.

The star ingredients in this juice are kale, celery, and apples.

Kale is low in calories, a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory effects, and assists those with arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Another ingredient that’s low in calories is celery. Celery is a good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and dietary fiber.

Apples, on the other hand, helps fight inflammation and keep your heart healthy.

If you are ill, then the Immunity Drops will be beneficial to you. It offers protection against free radical damage and infection.

It contains numerous herbs, such as Echinacea and Elderberry. Echinacea increases white blood cell production to prevent illness, whereas Elderberry provides relief of flu and cold symptoms.

If you struggle with recurrent colds, try a 7 day detox soup recipe.

Neon Orange Drink

30 day juice recipes

If you are a fan of the orange color, then you will like this juice. It has notes of hearty carrots and sweet melon. If you want to mellow out the floor, then add a bit of ginger root.

If you want to enhance your immune system and boost your energy levels, add Energy Drops.

The ingredients: 1 peeled cantaloupe, 3 carrots, and 1-inch ginger root. This drink serves 30 ounces of juice.

The Health Benefits

If you are looking for a natural energy boost in the morning, then this fresh juice is for you.

The two main ingredients are carrots and ginger.

Carrots are a powerful source of beta-carotene, vitamin K, potassium, and fiber. This vegetable is also linked to improved eye health, and lower cholesterol levels.

Ginger supports your immune system and aids in digestion.

If you struggle with chronic fatigue, then add two full pipettes of the Energy Drops into your juice. The Energy Drops has a unique blend of adaptogen herbs, such as Korean Ginseng and Licorice Root.

Korean Ginseng will revamp your energy levels and alleviate chronic fatigue. Licorice Root improves your endurance and boosts your immune system.

If you are not a fan of juicing, try doing the 10 day detox shake recipes.

Blackberry-Kiwi Juice

30 day juicing diet recipes

This Blueberry-Kiwi Juice is a tangy, sweet, and refreshing drink.

To support your beauty within, add Skin Drops.

The ingredients: ¼ of a large pineapple (cut into cubes), 1 cup of blackberries, 1 Kiwifruit, 1 pear, and 30 mint leaves. This drink serves one person.

The Health Benefits

This juice has a plethora of benefits for your skin due to its main ingredient: Blueberries.

The natural superfood, blueberries, have a high antioxidant content that helps to fight free radicals. This reduces premature aging.  

The Skin Drops are created from an herbal mixture that nourishes your skin from within. This mixture includes Irish Sea Moss and Yellow Dock Root.

Irish Sea Moss can improve your skin’s elasticity, and Yellow Dock Root boosts your body’s ability to eliminate toxins that damage skin health. body's ability to get rid of those toxins that are damaging to skin health. 

If you are new to fasts, then you should opt for a 24 hour detox cleanse recipe.

Carrot Pineapple Orange Juice

30 day juice challenge recipes

This is our favorite recipe for delectable orange juice. Add some lemon juice at the end to add more sweetness.

If you need to clear your mind during the day, then add the Focus Drops.

The ingredients: 1 small orange (cut into pieces), 1/8 of peeled pineapple, 2 carrots cut into pieces, and stir in ½ of juice lemon. This drink serves one person.

The Health Benefits

This is a great “pick me up” juice for you.

The orange is high in Vitamin C, so it will boost your immune system.

The ingredients in the Focus Drops will improve your mental clarity, by supporting oxygen and circulation to your brain.

The star ingredient in the Focus Drops is the Schisandra Berry. It’s an adaptogen that lowers the effects of mental fatigue that is usually caused by stress.

Pineapple-Lavender Juice

30 day juice cleanse recipes

Pineapple juice with floral-scented herbs, like lavender, might be the one drink that you did not think of. We like to add Lavender springs to the drink for garnish.

If you want an anti-aging formula in your juice, try these Beauty Drops.

The ingredients: 1 peeled pineapple (cut into cubes), 1 tablespoon of fresh pesticide-free lavender blossoms, and lavender springs. This drink serves one person.

The Health Benefits

This drink has numerous benefits due to its main ingredient. That is pineapple. Pineapple helps to maintain healthy skin and increases skin hydration.

The Beauty Drops supplies more key ingredients to improve your health and appearance with its anti-aging formulation.

You can also look at the 10 day wheat belly detox recipes if you are looking at losing weight.

The Takeaway

After your 30 days of only drinking liquid, you might start loving juicing. It is easy and it makes you feel good.

After the fast, you might even want to start using some of these recipes for a go-to healthy breakfast, or snack.

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