1 Day Juice Cleanse Recipes

1 Day Juice Cleanse Recipes

One-day juice cleanses are a great way to give your system a little reboot. They help to give your digestive system a little break to reset itself, it gives you a boost of nutrients and minerals and helps to promote your health in general.

In this article, we will be talking about 1-day juice cleanse recipes, as well as what one-day juice cleanses look like, the benefits of them, and what you can expect if you embark on one.

Top Recipes To Use For A 1 Day Juice Cleanse

The following recipes are our top choices for a one-day juice cleanse. We have only given you three recipes, but we recommend that you drink six juices throughout the day. 

This means that you can either drink each one twice, which is what we most recommend, or you can choose if there is one you would like to have more frequently. 

The Wake Up Green Juice 

This juice is ideal to have as your first meal when you wake up. To make this juice, you will need 3 cucumbers, a handful of spinach that has the stalks removed, 1 green apple, a handful of parsley, and a lemon that has been peeled. The lemon can either be juiced, or you can just squeeze the juice in, depending on how sour you want it.

one day juice cleanse recipe plan

Juice these ingredients together to get you juice. Once you have a glass of it, we would recommend adding two pipettes of our Detox Drops into it. Adding our drops will start your detox off on a high and really get the detox day rolling.  

This is because our Detox Drops help to cleanse and purify your body. They improve your mood, increase your energy, and benefit your general health, and they will just start your day off in a good space.

These Detox Drops help to cleanse your body from the inside out, as they decrease bloating, improve digestion and gut health, and promote weight loss.

Berry Blast Mid Morning Juice

This juice is the perfect juice for a mid-morning pick-me-up. You will need 1 cup of fresh raspberries, 1 cup of fresh strawberries, half a cup of fresh blueberries, and half a cup of spinach.

 one day juice cleanse recipes

Add the above into a juicer or blender, and you have a fresh, tasty, juice that is high in antioxidants and vitamins. 

We recommend adding some of our Focus Drops into this juice, as you might be struggling without having had any food at this time.

Our Focus Drops are good for mental performance, improving memory,   reducing fatigue, and increasing brain health. 

They are a great tool to help you go about your day with focus and increased mental performance, so they are the perfect drops to add to your mid-morning juice.

Revive Juice To Keep You Going

1 day juice cleanse recipe

To make this Revive juice, you will need half of a peeled pineapple, a small knob of peeled ginger root, 1 cucumber, and the juice of a lime. 

After washing them, add all the above ingredients into a juicer to make your juice. We recommend adding two pipettes of our Energy Drops into this juice. 

 By this time of the day, you will most probably feel like you need a bit of a boost of energy, and our drops will do just that.

Our Energy Drops help to fight fatigue, boost energy, lower stress levels, and are a natural way to keep you going.

What Does A Juice Cleanse Entail?

A juice cleanse consists of you only drinking juice, that you have made yourself from a mixture of fruits and vegetables, and water.

In our case, we are only discussing a 1-day juice cleanse, but these cleanses can range from a 1-day juice fast to following 60-day juice fast recipes.

What Should My 1 Day Juice Cleanse Schedule Look Like?

For a 1 day juice cleanse, we would recommend drinking 6 glasses of juice a day, as well as 6 glasses of water. 

The times at which you drink them are completely up to you, but if you are wanting a rough schedule to follow, this is what we recommend:

07:00 - Wake up and drink a glass of water or some tea (without any milk)

08:00 - Drink your first juice

10:00 - Drink your second juice

12:00 - Drink your third juice

14:00 - Drink your fourth juice

16:00 - Drink your fifth juice

18:00 - Drink your last juice

20:00 - Drink some tea, or, if you are feeling really hungry, another juice

You can drink water at any time of the day, as it also helps to fill you up if you are feeling hungry. 

What Are The Benefits Of A 1 Day Juice Cleanse?

The benefits of a juice cleanse are usually only felt a day or two once the juice cleanse has ended. 

The most common benefits of a juice cleanse are improved mood and energy, better gut health and functioning, improved hydration and nutrition, better sleep, reduced bloating, improved mental clarity, and reduced cravings for processed foods. 

one day juice cleanse recipe

Most people come out of a juice cleanse feeling revitalized and full of energy.

How Long Should You Do A Juice Cleanse For?

This is completely up to you. We have found that the best results come from following 3-day juice cleanse recipes, or a 24-hour detox cleanse recipe, such as the one we have been focusing on in this article.

We have found that detoxes that follow 21-day sugar detox recipes, or 30-day juicing fast recipes, are not as sustainable, and should only be attempted if you are experienced with juice fasts.

So, we suggest staying with a bit of a shorter juice cleanse if you are looking for better results.

Things To Take Into Account Before You Start A Juice Cleanse

You Need To Prepare Beforehand

The most important things that you need to prepare are your ingredients, recipes, and juicer. For a juice cleanse, you need to use a juicer and not just a normal blender, so you need to make sure that you have a juicer before you start a juice cleanse.

You should also prepare your “menu” beforehand. Plan what type of juices you want to make, and what ingredients you will need, and make sure you have them all before you start your cleanse.

Juices And Smoothies Are Different

A smoothie involves you blending your fruit and vegetables as a whole in a blender, and consuming it like that.

A juice, on the other hand, involves you using a juicer, which removes all the fibrous material from the fruit and vegetables, and in essence, leaves just the juice of them. 

1 day juice cleanse recipe plan

Juices are more concentrated with vitamins and minerals, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed. But they do lack fiber and can contain more sugar (albeit natural sugar). 

Weight Loss Is Not A Guarantee

Weight loss is not guaranteed with juice cleanses, but it does occur often. The longer your juice cleanse is, the more likely you are to lose weight. 

So, with a one-day cleanse, it is very slim that you will actually lose any weight.

There Will Be Side Effects

There are almost always side effects that occur with juice cleanses. We will delve deeper into what they are, but just keep in mind that it is likely that they will occur. 

As with weight loss, the longer the cleanse is, the more likely, and more intense, the side effects will be. So luckily you shouldn’t experience too many side effects with a one-day cleanse. 

Side Effects That Occur With A Juice Cleanse

The most common side effects that are experienced with a juice cleanse are headaches, fatigue, nausea, decreased mood, difficulty concentrating, hunger pangs, and stomach aches.

Luckily, as we mentioned, side effects aren’t very intense when it comes to a one-day juice cleanse. The side effects that you will most probably experience are a slight headache towards the end of the day, hunger, and a bit of tiredness. 

Overall, you shouldn’t feel too many side effects with a short cleanse. But, it is important to remember that everyone reacts differently, and you could experience more, or even fewer, side effects. 

How To Break Your Juice Cleanse

Since this is only a one-day juice cleanse, going back to eating “normally” won’t be as much of a shock to your system as it would if the fast was longer.

Even so, we still recommend going back into solid foods slowly. Start by eating mostly vegetables and whole foods. Try to keep your portions small, and stay away from processed foods for a few days, whereafter you can start incorporating some slowly again.

It is recommended to follow a mostly plant-based diet after your cleanse, for at least one day, and to stay away from dairy, caffeine, and meat for that day.

You can start incorporating your normal foods slowly again so that you don’t overwork your digestive system.

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